Blizzard of '05 - We apologize for the inconvenience

I would like to apologize to everyone that tried to contact me or expected to meet with me yesterday. While I'm not one for excuses, this one is too good not to share.

My wife and I went away for an anniversary weekend to a bed and breakfast in Provincetown, Cape Cod. We were scheduled to return home on Sunday morning. The news was reporting a snow storm, but the local weather said that it would be over by 6 AM (we assumed Sunday).

What actually happened was that it snowed from 3 PM Saturday to 3 AM Monday with hurricane winds (~60 mph) the entire time. The National Guard closed all the highways leaving the cape. When the snow and wind stopped on Monday we tried to leave, only to find out that we were parked in a town lot, and the town was not planning to clear the lot of snow for a few days. We attempted to get one of the 3 Back End Loader drivers to help us out, but the National Guard needed them to clear stranded cars off the main road. National Guardsmen can be very persuasive. So, desperate to get home to our families and jobs, a few of us borrowed some hand shovels and dug our way out. All of the moved snow was done by 4 men and 3 women with hand shovels over the course of 4 long hours. There were no snow blowers or plows... Actually, about 3 hours into it a plow did come by and pretty much filled in all of the work we had done on the road.


This is a picture of my wife Christine standing the road next to the entryway to the parking lot we were parked in. In case you're wondering, that sign next to her says "Emergency Snow Route. No Parking. Tow Zone In Event of Snowfall" We thought that was a good thing, but it turns out that the back end loaders that drive up this street don't plow it.


This is a better view of the only exit out of the parking lot. If you follow the line of trees on the right you'll see a small sign with a 'P' on it. That is how far back we have to go before we can turn into the parking lot.


7 people, 5 hand shovels (one of them a children's shovel) and 4 hours.

Actually we cleared about 4 times this because we had to get all the cars out
of the lot; then we had to clear the road that my wife was standing on in the first picture (~ 50 yards).

We would have taken more pictures, but the camera kept shutting off due to the cold.


This was the last picture Christine took as she drove the car out of the lot.
All of those who shoveled are planning a reunion dig for next year.


First Blog Post

I just read on slashdot that Iranian ISPs have been ordered to block a large number of popular Web sites, including weblogging, community, chat and email services. This blogging phenomenon has been around for a long time in web terms and I never really understood what was so interesting about it. So, I figured I'd give it a try since I'm lucky enough to be able to reach this site. On a happier note, here is a picture of a rubber duck I found using google's image search.

By the way, if your new to this "BLOG" is short for web log...