How to make an iPod AudioBook from a CD AudioBook - take 2

Compared to my previous post this method:

  • Is faster (that's good)

  • Guarantees file sizes that work with your iPod (that's good too)

  • Results in more files/entries per book (not great, but not a huge deal)

If your starting with mp3 files, my previous post is still useful... was the first place I saw this info.

The important concept:
An iPod AudioBook is an
(iTunes gives these files the file extension .m4a) encoded sound file
that has the file name extension .m4b. There is no magic to it. If you
manually change the file name of filename.m4a
to filename.m4b, your iPod
will treat the .m4b file as an AudioBook.

How to Convert CDs to an iPod AudioBook - the easier way

  • Open iTunes

  • Set the iTunes encoder options for importing Audio Tracks

    • Import Using: AAC Encoder

    • Setting: Custom

    • Stereo bit rate: 64 kbs

    • Sample Rate: Auto

    • Channels: Mono

    screen shot

    screen shot

  • One at a time put each CD into your computer and do the following:

    1. Click on the CD icon on the left side of the screen so that you can see the contents of the CD

    2. Select (highlight) all of the tracks on the CD

    3. Click on Advanced->Join CD Tracks. This tells iTunes that when you rip (import) the CD it should make one track out of the entire CD

    4. Right click on the file in iTunes and choose "Convert to AAC" or click "Import on the top right of iTunes

    5. Using a file browser, find the file in the "iTunes Music" directory that iTunes made in step #3.

    6. Rename the file from .m4a to .m4b.

    7. From iTunes, select the old file you imported in step #3 and the file that was created in step #3 and delete them.

    8. Import the newly .m4b file into iTunes. (drag & drop from the file browser should work)

Congradulations! You have created and iTunes audio book!