Vacation Projects

I took a week off work to relax, and managed to finish a bunch of house projects.

  • The Baby Name: Ok this isnt a house project, but its huge news! We settled on a name for our baby boy due on November 11th! And the name is... Conner! It took a long time to find the perfect name, but we finally found the one. We asked Alex, and he seems to like it too, though we asked him if he wanted to be a big brother and he said "No. Alex, tiny brother."

  • Finishing the attic & basement prep: I finished the work previously started on the attic floor.
    I added the final 128 square feet to the attic floor. This was a big deal because it it means there is now a place to put all the stuff we have in the basment, which means that we can start to finish the basment, which means that we will have a playroom for the kids, we'll get back our home office, and we have a place for guests to stay and most importantly, we'll have a place for the band to play in the winter.

    The pics below are the result of the attic floor and probably the last time anyone will ever see the attic empty (almost empty anyway).

  • Fixed the gutter downspouts: The downspouts were too close to the ground and the water was draining right into the foundation. I borrowed my brothers saber saw and raised the gutters so that I could add 15% grade to the gutters taking water away from the house.

  • Replaced stuff: The furnace air filter, washing machine fill hoses, house wireless phones and the vans right front tire. That tire had the slow leak from hell. a 36 lb tire that could sloly drop to 18lbs. Glad thats fixed.

  • Computer Memory: Added 512mb of memory to the house computer. Thanks to Reza for his help with the hardware. Its possible that left to my own devices, the It was a lot slow... Much better now.