Trick or Treat - Alex Style

Tonight I sat Alex down and had a man to man talk with him about the basics (from a kids perspective) of Halloween. I explained that "We go out to people’s houses, say trick or treat, and they give us candy. Do you want candy?" Alex responded "I want a lollypop!"

Our first stop was to pick up some friends. Alex was thrilled when he got a lollypop at their house. Once we got started it took a while for him to get comfortable with going up to houses. Finally we came to a house where some other kids were explaining their costumes to the residents. Alex got over his nerves, ran up the steps and announced "Tada! Ladybug!" Apparently his Spiderman costume was lost on him.

So there he was, standing on a step dressed up as Spiderman/ladybug with a lollypop in his mouth and a near empty trick or treat bag. The woman at the door held out the bowl of candy and asked if he would like one. Alex smiled up at her and said "No thanks, I have a lollypop."