Conner comes home... the projects continue

Conner’s arrival gave me a great reason to take some time off work. Thanks to my Mom’s help we were able to get settled in with Conner while she played with Alex and took care of the house. For anyone having a baby I highly recommend having my Mom come stay with you for a week or two. She Rocks! The arrival of Conner didn't slow down the house projects though. Here's the projects that happened in the days after Conner came home.

My Dad came to town and helped me install a kid's banister in our 1st floor stairwell. It took Alex a day to start using it and now he goes up and down the stairs all the time.

  • Vonage: I cut our phones over from Verizon to Vonage. I actually physically cut the external verison phone connection to the house so and now our phones work through a linksys router. Instead of getting a new wireless router I tried to save some money by getting a non wireless one and connecting my existing wireless to it. It caused all sorts of problems with VPN and double NAT-ing. I had to put the Vonage linksys at the edge of my network with my wireless router behind it in order to get QOS to work. If I had it to do again I would get just one wireless Vonage linksys router and call it a day. Anyway, if I hadn’t tried to be smart, it would have been up and running in 5 minutes. Vonage is way cheaper than a traditional phone and its got cool features like the ability to email my voicemails to me.

  • TV locks: replaced the locks on the TV cabinet my father built. Alex had put all sorts of stuff in them.

  • Plummer:Cleared clog in the master bath drain. Hey look at me I’m a plumber!

  • Garage shelves: This was the best. After all the help left, Alex said “Daddy I want to do a project. So we installed shelves in the garage and hung a bunch of stuff on the walls. It freed up a bunch of space on the garage floor, and no Alex knows all about ladders.