Doorbell OFF switch

Have you ever spent 3 hours trying to sooth a crying baby to sleep, and just as you realize things are finally quiet, your neighbor rings the doorbell to return a beer you left in his fridge the previous year, thus waking the recently subdued baby and restarting the marathon baby crying session? No? OK, how about the one where the entire family has a cold, and their all finally sleeping peacefully, and an overzealous delivery guy rings the doorbell 52 times in 7 seconds, waking everyone from a tenuous nap, so he can get you to sign for a pair of socks you ordered online?I've got one of these stories for every day of the week. That's why I invented the doorbell kill switch.

The doorbell OFF switch is a simple switch that I wired into my doorbell. When its in the ON position the doorbell works normally. BUT... When switched to the off position it breaks any possibility of the doorbell circuit ever closing thus giving me the power to keep people from waking a family member from a much needed nap... Unless, of course, the visitor knows how to knock really, really, loud.

Before: A simple unassuming doorbell that can, with a push of a button turn your home from a peaceful comfortable refuge to something more reminiscent of the ninth concentric circle from Dante's Inferno.

During: Fitting the switch looked like it was going to be difficult. There want a lot of room for error. Fortunately Alex was around to say "I want to play Play-Doh!" and several unappealing hours with a compass and a high school geometry book were replaced with a much more practical solution. What your looking at is the inside of the doorbell cover after it was filled with Play-Doh and hung on the wall for a few seconds. The Play-Doh formed around the doorbell internals making it easy to position the switch.

After: It works! A picture doesn't really explain how cool this is. Set it to off, and they can push the doorbell button until their finger falls off... You dont hear a thing! Best of all, our doorbell button has a light in it. When you flip the switch to OFF, the light goes out!