A kid friendly Banister & Shelves

The latest home projects just finished up. I manage to sneak these in on a day off from work. Alex has become very helpful and was a big contributor to these projects. As the title of this entry suggests there were two major categories.

1) A kid friendly banister

This one was Christine's idea. A kid height banister in the garage. Alex did a lot of the work on this one. He kept all the supplies in order, extra screws on hand and even did some of the wood cutting. I was surprised to learn that our stairs descend at 42 degrees instead of the 45 I expected. The banister was cut to be flush with the wall at a 45 degree angle. Those 3 degrees really made the kid banister look silly next to the existing one, so Alex and I needed to do a lot of filing and sanding to get it right.

Before: A set of stairs so precarious, even the cat won't try them.

After: Safe, fun and easy to navigate at any height.

Just after that: Alex decides to give up banisters.

2) Shelves moving and adding

So we have these wire shelves in all our closets, and when you look at a closet with a wire shelf the first thing you think is "I need more of those!" At least that's what Christine thought. I'm glad I remembered the before pictures for these. The difference was suprising. I did

Laundry Closet Before: It's a bit cluttered and that shelf is just a little too high for storing big detergent bottles.

Laundry Closet After: Again, per Christine's suggestion, I lowered the bottom shelf about 6 inches and added a second shelf. Oddly the biggest improvement is that we can keep extra paper towel rolls here instead of the basement.

Hall Closet Before: It's actually pretty dumpy looking, but look at all that extra space neer the ceiling!

Hall Closet After: I added an extra shelf above the existing one. Now the games are out of the way of the day to day things. Unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to run out and get more stuff to fill that empty spot.

That's all for now... Though I see a lot more shelf installation in my future...