Reza's new name

Reza and Alex
As far as I can tell Reza has been working on his PHD in Pathobiology for at least...well, forever I think. He's a very smart man who I am honored to call my brother as a result of his being my son’s uncle.

On December 9th John, Sara and I drove through a blizzard to see his thesis defense, while Christine held down the fort and took care of Alex and Conner. Mother Nature was apparently not pulling for Reza. She let her wrath be felt by covering New England in a snow, rain, ice, and blustery wind mixture that knocked cars off highways, slowed traffic to a crawl and howled against the windows of the lecture hall where Reza was presenting.

Leading up to this day Reza had run countless experiments, wrote papers that were published in science journals, wrote a 292 page thesis (for which I can only assume he was paid by the word), prepared an animated Power Point presentation that would make most high level executives weep in envy, and presented his findings in front of people that would be lucky to be called his peers. All of this got him into a room where he withstood a 2 1/2 hour grilling from 5 professors asking him anything they wanted… When all that was done, and it seemed success was at hand, it turned out that he didn’t have the right Signature Paper, and so his last act as Mr. Reza was to run down the hall and print out the correct one. In the end Reza prevailed over the papers, Power Point, questions, Mother Nature and even the Signature Paper.

Thus from this day forth, he shall be known as Dr Reza.