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Update 2006-02-05: In the words of Doctor Emmett Brown, "This damn thing doesn't work at all!" Don't bother with the rest of this post. Its a neat idea, but doesn't work well in practice...

Original Post:

As I've been adding more stuff to this blog I've found it difficult to find old posts. For instance, every time I go to reference the how to make an ipod auiobook post I have to sift through archives by month until I find the month where I made the post. Lost of blog sites have solutions for this, but so fat blogger is not one of them. This guy ( I think his name is Dan) came up with a neat way of categorizing posts using the blogger search tool. So I went through and updated all my old posts with a little category text and now its relatively easy to see a list of all blog posts as well as posts based on specific categories. (They're over on the right under "Categories")... There are some glitches with the system. for example the search engine doesn't update right away and it sometimes shows duplicate results... I'd still like to see the Blogger People update blogger to support categories, and add a complete list of posts as a page option, but this is pretty cool for now.

Normally I wouldn't post something so mundane, but it seems that the only way to get the search engine to pick up the changes to all my old posts is to post a new article... So there you have it...