30 Boxes Google Homepage Module

I ran into some bugs using an RSS feeds to put a 30 Boxes calendar on my google homepage. After a bit of debugging I determined that even the fix I suggested didn't really fix the problem*. I finally gave up on RSS for calendars and wrote a module for displaying 30 boxes calendar info on a homepage.

The module info and install instructions are available at the 30 Boxes Google Homepage Module webpage.

It's all being hosted on a google pages website. Free hosting. huh...I'm sure I'll look back and laugh, but it seems like a novelty at the moment.

* The problem is actually a nifty google feature. They are caching RSS feeds and displaying any changed item at the top of the list. So basically they reorder the RSS items so that you see the changed ones, even if they aren't in that order in the feed. The problem is that if you use an RSS feed and expect it to show up in the order of the feed, and then you change one of the later items, it bubbles to the top on the google hompage.