30 Boxes Online Calendar & Google Homepage

In my search to put my computer related activities on the web I came across http://30Boxes.com which is a slick online calendar system that lets me easily manage my own events, see my friends calendars, and even let Christine edit my calendar...

They recently opened up an API for development that lets developers build applications that access the 30 Boxes data, but there is no way to access buddy calendar info via the API due to security reasons. So for my purposes, making a Google Homepage Module, there is little value to using the API.

Alas, 30Boxes is still very cool, the best online calendar I've found cool and can be put on your Google Homepage with little effort and the following caveat.

You can only see your events. Buddy or Friends Calendars will not show up.

Workaround: If you want someone else to see an event such as "My dentist Appointment" because you need me to come home early to stay with the kids, you might find it useful (he says sheepishly) to invite me to that event so that it shows up on my Google Homepage.

To get your 30Boxes Calendar on your Google Homepage

  1. Log into your 30Boxes calendar
  2. Click on "Settings" at the top right
  3. Click on "Syndication" just under "Your Settings" in the center of the page
  4. Click on the RSS link next to "Shared View" (updated 2006-03-22 when I descovered that the Entire view RSS feed is sorted in the order you add things instead of the order they occur in time. very strange...)
  5. Copy the URL for that feed.
  6. Go to your Google homepage
  7. Click "Add Content" at the top right
  8. Click Create a Section, paste in the copied URL, and click go.

A list of your upcoming 30Boxes events should appear on your homepage.

This entry has been published as a one stop shopping answer for everyone that has been asking "How did you do that?" The history at the beginning is there so I can remember why I did it.