Alexism      n.
  1. A statement made by Alex that is utterly unique to his perception of the world.

  2. Something Alex does that makes us laugh.

Uncle John's Corona Technique

2006-02-01 - per Christine - Alex just put his finger over the end of his straw, tipped his cup over, tipped it back, took a sip and said, "I'm drinking water like a beer."

Alex's Favorite Game

"You get me. I run." He announces this to anyone that will listen and then proceeds to run around the house expecting to be chased. We do a lot of running.

Who's Cute

While out for a walk Conner fell asleep in the carriage. I was carrying Alex who was tired of walking.

Alex: Conner is so cute.

Paul: He is! You know who else is cute?

Alex: ummm. Nanna!

Paul: Yeesss. and who else is cute?

Alex: Pepere!


He went on to name Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa, Pop, Memere, Aunt Sara and Aunt Teresa one at a time.


Paul: What about Uncle John and Uncle Reza.

Alex: Nooooo! That's not right.

Paul: They're not cute?

Alex: Nope!

Paul: Ok, but I'm still thinking of someone else who's cute...

Alex: hmmm... I don't know....

Paul: How about Alex?!

Alex: Yeah that's right! Now you got it now! I love you daddy.

Out of Bed

Alex recently switched form a crib to a toddler bed. The other night I was on the
phone with my dad about 20 minutes after I put Alex to bed. Christine and Conner
were out, so I was fairly surprised to hear doors opening and closing upstairs.
I hung up and went upstairs to investigate. Alex was standing in the bathroom.
When he saw me coming up the stairs he got a really guilty look and shut the
door. I knocked, entered and found him standing on his wooden steps in front
of the sink with his toothbrush in hand. I sat on the counter and did my best to sound
casual, as if I was just passing by and was wondering what was up...

Paul: Hi Alex... What are you doing?

Alex: No Daddy! I was being quiet!

Power Outage? Just add batteries.

We woke up Tuesday morning to the pleasant absence of ambient sound that you can only not hear when the power goes out. The power was, in fact, out. Alex's morning ritual as he will tell you is "I climb out of bed, turn on the lights, open the door and come see you!" So when he climbed into our bed Christine asked him about it...

Christine: Did you turn your lights on Alex?

Alex: But they were broken. I'll turn on your light.

Christine: My light is broken too. The power is out.

Alex: That's ok Mommy. I help you. I fix your light and Daddy will fix my lights... With new batteries!