Reza & John Open Mic Video

Reza and John performed Simon & Garfunkel tunes at the open mic at the Stage Coach Inn in Groton MA on March 17th 2006. Reza Started off playing Kathy's Song and they finished out with a duet on Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. Reza was not originally scheduled to play, but he slipped in at the last minute. John was his usual rock star self and per popular demand sat in with just about everyone there.

Christine and I got out for a rare parents night out. Thanks to Grandma for flying out to babysit! I captured the video on my new Canon Powershot S2 IS still shot camera. This camera is amazing. I did my best to compress the 900MB video into a web accessible size while retaining good sound quality. The version above doesn't do the original quality justice, but I'm just getting started with this audio video stuff so there's still hope for future productions. DVDs of the original recording are available to family on request.