Little Projects

Reader Notice: I started this blog so I could look back in a few years and see where all the time went. At some point a bunch of people started reading it. Some of you I know, and others of you are distant relatives of people I don't know. For those of you that are not me, be forewarned that this is one of those entries for me to look back on. You're welcome to keep reading, but really, if your not me, this isn't meant for you.

The past several weeks have been really busy with big and little projects:

  • Repaired Alex's chair: Alex has a kid sized table and chair set. One of the chairs was wobbly and needed to be tightened for the second time. We took it apart one morning. I held the chair and he unscrewed all the screws. Then we put goopy stuff ( a.k.a. glue) on the screws and tightened it back up. Alex did almost all the work. I like having a helper.

  • Backdoor Screen: Its warming up outside so I dug through the land fill that is the unfinished portion of my basement and found the backdoor sliding screen. It was a 2 second install. Reza actually helped. I think he was hurt that I had taken it down for the winter. I could have had something to do with his involvement in my induction into the screen spliners guild.

  • Basement Ceiling: John Reza and I installed a ceiling in my basement room. I had estimated the project at 3 hours. It took 15, and we worked fast.

  • Elliptical Machine: Conner and I picked up an elliptical machine form sears and stumbled on a place that was able to fix my watch. After finishing the ceiling Reza put it together. I'm not sure where he got the energy. I could barely move.

  • Seiko Watch Sizing: Christine gave me this really cool kinetic watch for Christmas. It has a metal band so I went out and got watch repair tools and learned how to size it. Unfortunately when I size it its either too tight or too loose. I called Seiko to ask them if they had a solution. Their answer was a bit odd. Before I had even finished explaining the situation, the Seiko rep (a very nice woman) finished my explanation of the problem and went on to explain that this has been a problem for as long as she has worked at Seiko. "Ten years ago they had this kit for sale that you could use to fix that, but they stopped selling it." The place Conner and I found was able to put a new clasp on the watch that allowed for more granular resizing.

  • Curtains: I put up curtains in our Family Room, Kitchen, and Living Room.

  • Replaced the printer and DVD player: Our printer and DVD player gave out the same time. Getting new ones was easy, but the DVD player we got required a different type of audio cable. I learned that co-axial cables can have RCA end connectors... Who knew??? The strange thing about the new printer is that when I try print a PDF it sometimes hangs and then a day or two later the PDF prints out. yesterday I went to print something and just before my PDF printed a list of games Cristine tried to print a few days earlier startred printing.

  • Recycling: We recycle about 3x as much stuff as we throw away. In our house that's a lot of stuff. One of my chores is to sort it all out and take it to the recycling center on weekends. The recycling center is maned by volunteers. When Alex and Conner get older I'd like to take them there to volunteer.

  • Fixed kitchen drawer that had come off its track

  • Spent a Saturday morning at the Car dealership having our car serviced. I brought a laptop with me, and while they didn't have an Internet connection, I still got a bunch done by reading ruby ri documentation

  • Mounted 3 dressers to the wall so that if the kids climb on them they wont fall over.

  • Rehung a door on my dresser

  • Cat litter. Just another chore.

  • Hung a chalk board for the kids

  • Oiled Conner's bedroom door

  • Cleaned out the garage: this was an 8 hour job. Over the winter the garage had become the dumping ground for all of the basement construction supplies and garbage. It became so cluttered I had to stop parking in it. Now I've got the entire thing back.