Reza and the Razzletones

Reza and the Razzletones
The band formerly known as Soulshine reunited after a winter break to play a local birthday party gig. Since we hadn’t played much in the past few months we had a rehearsal before the gig. The intent was to play though our old tunes, and make sure we were solid. Instead we just kept starting new songs. This was mostly Reza’s fault as he kept starting new tunes instead of playing the old ones. Still. I have no complaints. The new tunes (save the country) are pretty cool. I even get to sing a little on the Eagles tune.

New Tunes

  • Sunshine of your Love
  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • Feel like Makin Love
  • Takin Care of Business
  • Amazed by Lonestar (That was a request from the people that hired us.)
  • Friends in low places (They like country)
  • Dominated Love Slave by Green Day (cause we don’t like country)

After much whining about how silly Soulshine is as a name I have decided that we shall hence forth be known as Reza and the Razzletones.