4th of July Weekend 2006

Last weekend was a blast. In no particular order here are some of the major events.

conner starts crawling
Conner started Crawling!

lego ship
Alex and I put together a Lego Star Wars ship. He helped with all 194 pieces! We didn't get a picture of the actual putting it together because we were too deep in thought.

me conner and Paula Abdul
I had a brush with fame at an American Idol Karaoke competition! This is me with the Paula Abdul look alike!

karaoke reactions
The quality of the karaoke singing was difficult to describe in words. This picture sums it up.

Paul's Poker Face
On the 4th of July night I played Hokm. Given the current political climate, there was a strange irony playing an Iranian card game while there were 4th of July fireworks going off in the distance. Of course when I shared that with my grandmother she put it all in perspective saying "We're all immigrants." On a lighter note, here you can see I've been working on my poker face.