Flickr Slideshow lite (because my grandmother has dialup)






Flickr Slideshow lite is a lightweight web based Flickr slideshow viewer. (IMHO) It improves over the official Flickr flash based slideshow in a few important ways:

  • Works over dial up (Uses DHTML and AJAX instead of Flash)
  • Photo titles and captions are displayed under the pictures!
  • Large clickable thumbnails jump to photos!
  • Slideshow title page displays the main image, set title and description
  • Click on a photo to open its flickr photo page in a new window
  • Slideshows can be bookmarked & emailed as links!
  • Choose your own speed for variable speed slideshow
  • Useful context sensitive links: flickr's set page, set owners flickr page, other sets
  • Easily lookup slideshows by flickr username

Flickr Slideshow lite is currently hosted on my school server account but I'm not sure how long that will last as I'm getting close to graduating. That or they are going to throw me out of school for sticking around too long.

I did this project for my wife, my grandmother and as a final project for a class I'm was taking.
The code is all licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL. It involved a lot of standing on the shoulders of
giants and ideas and support from my family so it seemed right to make it available to everyone.
I offered the code to Flickr free of charge. They politely declined.
Gretuitous details of ever step of this project are available on the
Flickr Slideshow lite about page.

Share and enjoy!