Google NavBar & Toggle Google

I just release an update to the Google NavBar & Toggle Google Homepage Module. This is the module that:

  • Lets you hide the search bar and save most of the real estate at the top of the personalized google homepage.
  • Let you selectively add useful links to the top of the homepage.

About two weeks ago the existing module stopped as a result of some updates google made to their personalized home page. Their changes were pretty cool and made it much easier to make the Google NavBar & Toggle Google Module work. While I was in the code updating it to work with the new hompage internal layout, I made some additional changes.

  • Added Docs & Spreadsheets and removed writely and spreadheets as individual links
  • Added the ability to configure the top right of the page so you can get rid of the Classic Home link that I never use.
  • Changed the name of the module from Toggle Google to Google NavBar & Toggle Google homepage module.
  • Note: you need to put in your google username if you want your email address to show up at the top of the page. I'm trying to find a way to make it automatic, but so far no luck.