Trick or Treat

IMG_5241 For the past two weeks Alex has been asking the following question, "How many days is it until Halloween?"  Then he'd ask me to go over and count the days on the calendar we have hanging in the kitchen. This happened at least once a day. He was really excited to dress up as a pumpkin (his idea) and go Trick-or-Treating. When Halloween finally arrived we all got dressed up and went house to house. Alex would knock on the door and then hide off to the side of the door where people couldn't see him. When they came to the door he would jump out and surprise them. It was really funny to watch. He looked like someone from Mission Impossible knocking on the door and expertly pressing himself up against the house so as to disappear from view. Conner (aka Superman) and I hung back from the door and talked about Trick-or-Treat techniques and "Ba". Someday I'm hoping he'll tell me what "Ba" means.  At each house after getting candy and saying "thank you", Alex immediately turned to us and said, "Can we go trick-or-treat at another house?"  When we returned home Alex poured out his bag of candy and decided that he is a big fan of Nerds Candy and was happy to share with Christine.

Just before going to bed Alex asked me if we could go Trick-or-Treating again tomorrow. I explained that it only happens once a year, and he seemed OK with that. This morning he came into my room and woke me up with the question, "Daddy how many days is it to Christmas?"

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