Last week Christine and I went to Bermuda for a 5 days before Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa came out and watched the kids while we had our 5th anniversary/Paul's almost graduated vacation. Flying out was supposed to take 2 hours, but half way there the pilot discovered the radio required to fly into international airspace was broken. Oddly Delta is unable to test such a radio until they actually get close to international space. Sounds to me like an excellent place for them to build some new test equipment. Anyway after 8 hours we arrived.


It turned out that we lasted about 24 hours before we started missing the kids a lot. On the way back we got delayed for a day which should be a warning to anyone we ask to watch our kids that acts of nature tend to cause our vacations to be extended regardless of our eagerness to get home.

While we were there we did learn a few things:

  • It is staggeringly expensive in Bermuda. $25 for an egg toast and small cup of coffee and about $1 per minute in a cab.
  • Bermuda has some of the most educated taxi drivers in the world. The one that drove us from the airport to the hotel was also the principal of one of their public grammar schools.
  • Native Bermudians are incapable of rushing.
  • Bermuda has an extremely diverse population. In the US its common to see people grouping themselves by class (low / middle / uber rich) and by race. There are exceptions and in my experience these exceptions are a good thing, but they are not common. In Bermuda the Uber rich were there but out of site. They have this sort of gated part of the island where Bill Gates and some famous movie stars have mansions. There is no poverty that I could determine.  So the middle class is all that's left, and no matter where we went on the island it was as common to see people of different races together as it was to see people same race groups. And everyone seemed to get along just fine. It was surprising and refreshing to see that at least somewhere people were getting past racial divides.
  • Bermuda has this great way of showing were you can park and where you can't. Instead of using street signs they paint double yellow lines on the street to show where you can not park. Its was a clear simple solution. Of course it relies on their complete lack of snow.
  • Delta's radio quality control sucks. We found out that the radio that broke on our way out there had broken a few days before and forced them to turn around that time as well.
  • You can get some
    great pictures out the window of a plain just before it flies into jaw dropping turbulence.
  • There's no place like home.