The End of SoulShine

Well, we knew it couldn't last forever. Our band is breaking up due to "internal arguments over groupie access, drug distribution, guitar solo length and suckiness of the name". This is how I'll remember the band.

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Reza asking me if I want to play bass in a band
Gigs in my NH basement
Eat The Rich should only be played by Aerosmith
Old bass & practice amp pushed to their limits

Drummer #1 moves to Chicago
Leo's Barn meets Leakyn Out - three barn band
Drummer #2 leaves for Washington Job

The long search for a drummer
Sweet Screamin Jehoshaphat, my next door neighbor is a drummer
First practice in my garage - too hot to breath too loud to open the doors
Whipping Post? maybe...
Stretch is awesome, joins the band

Winter practice in the basement
Space heaters & broken strings
Whipping Post? definitely.
Sweet festering Jehoshaphat our band name sucks
Leakyn Out -> Soulshine

New bass, bigger amp
Starting to sound like a bass player
New songs at every practice
Just What I Needed, Jump, King of Bedside Manor, Piano Man,
Hazy Shade of Winter, Summer of '69, Sweet Emotion
I'm a believer - Oy!

Leo's Barn, meet SoulShine
So cold, So much fun
Reza Originals: Blind My Eyes, Flower, Insanity

Stretch prefers Milosh
Can't seem to stop calling him Stretch

Legends & The Gael House,
Free beer!
John & Reza surprise duet Lullaby - Steve Lynch
Jenny Says, Fat Bottom Girls, Pour some Sugar on Me
College crowd going nuts, dancing girls and bar fights
Guest drummers on Me & Julio

Summer Parties
The Shrek Song
Reza agrees to play a Beatles tune

Song on the radio
"We should totally play that!"
Song on TV
"We should totally play that!"
Someone mentions a song
"We should totally play that!"
Song in a restaurant
"We should totally play that!"

Stretch's Basement
The Mackie; "The switch is in the back."
Take it from the guitar solo
Take it from the part right before the guitar solo
Stupid question: Why don't we ever take it from after the guitar solo?
Time to get ready for the storm

Legends Halloween gig - The girls dressed up
SoulShine Ti Die Banner
More than enough music for four sets
One fall down drunk guy at every gig
Out of work comic heckling. uggh

The Reza becomes Dr. Reza
Whipping Post meets "Doc"
Leave My Woman Alone - Reza Original

I find guest singer for Hotel California
Eddie Money guitar player sits in
Oh Bob, what we done?!?
Just get us to the guitar solo!
I'm no longer allowed to find guest singers

Band gets tight
Four new songs at every practice... easy
Learning a song for the first time at the gig. easy?
"What key are we playing this in?"
Shouting chords across the stage
Eye contact is worth a thousand words
John's piano solos on Southbound - bring down the house

No, Soulshine is not a Christian Rock Band
SoulShine -> Dr. Reza & the Razzletones
Life in the Fast Lane - Paul & John Harmony
Country Request: Amazed & Friends in Low Places
Compensating with Dominated Love Slave
Life in the Fast Lane Reprise (full song in 3:30)

Dr. Reza & the Razzletones -> SoulShine
Outside gig 102 degrees
Professional sound guys
Six foot woofers and speakers everywhere
Dancing, pouring water, debauchery

Reza's moving to Michigan
Damn Right I Got the Blues
Practice in my new basement - soundproofing works
Wish you Were Here
Legends one last try
Playing through all the music in my basement hours before the gig
Mackie, speakers, cables, monitors, guitars, drums, piano... in 2 cars
Stretch gets his big crowd
Sweet Child intro... finally
Guest drummer & Stretch is an awesome front man
Whipping Post (extended version)
Crowd screaming, shoulder to shoulder up against the monitors, encores
We were SoulShine

Reza and the Razzletones