Moving Day

Alex Conner and Paul taking apart the guest bed When Christine and I asked Alex if he wanted to share a room with Conner he emphatically said yes. A little surprised we asked again and again over a few weeks, but Alex persisted. Both boys have a tendency to wake up at different times and we rarely go a full night without one of them waking up and to say that Conner is a light sleeper is to understate his sleep habits severely. The the idea of them waking each other had Christine and I hesitant to put them in the same room. But Alex was excited, and Conner always seems happy when Alex is around so we finally did it.

Last Saturday Alex moved in. Alex started by moving his toy house and then Alex, Conner and I moved the guest bed out and Alex's bed in. The bed time story chair quickly followed. That night we put the kids to bed in the same room at 7pm. Conner cried lightly for about a minute and then... quiet... The minutes ticked away... Christine and I just kept staring at each other in wonder. Surely Alex would roll over and wake Conner and then Conner would cry and wake Alex and we would spend the rest of the night putting them back to bed.

They slept for 12 hours. The next two nights were the same. I never would have believed it if we hadn't experienced it... They sleep better when they're in the same room.

Here's a Flickr Slideshow lite of the big move.