Google Home Page Module Update

I discovered a limitation in the JSON API that was causing my module to drop some of my older bookmarks. Basically it was only giving me the latest 100 tags, and apparently I now have more that 100 bookmarks. So I've upgraded the module to support up to 100 tags with 100 posts per tag using some background AJAX calls.

There are also a few usability changes:

  • When you click on a tag it will display the bookmarks for that tag. If you click on it again the bookmarks will be hidden. I've done away with the little -- link that used to hide the bookmarks.

  • You now have the option to display or not display images next to the bookmark links

  • You get to make a decision about saving something like 10kb from going over the Internet. This is for bit huggers (like tree huggers but much more silly) only. Leave it checked and the module will work faster.

More information and a link to install the module are available here

Meet Tweety

I came home from work today to find our pride of cats (currently Tom and Jerry) has grown by one. Meet Tweety! (pictures)

Update 2006-09-21: I forgot to mention that Alex picked Tweety out. He went with Christine and Conner, even looked at puppies, and then said "Lets go get your kitty mommy". Then he picked Tweety out of a group of kittens. We talked it over and Alex agreed that Tweety is his kitty. I wonder if this gets me out of cat litter duty...

Flickr Slideshow Lite Gets an Upgrade

While sitting in an airport with Mike Lepore we got to talking about how Flickr doesn't support RSS feeds for Photosets. They have RSS feeds for individual images, but we're much more interested in when our friends post sets. It only took a few minutes but Mike came up with a way to make an RSS feed for a user's Flickr Photosets using the existing FLickr API and some know how. He had it online a few days later and with his permission I've integrated it into Flickr SlideShow Lite. So now when you look up a users sets, not only do you get a list of the sets, but also an RSS link so you can incorporate the feed into your favorite RSS reader.

While I was at it I made a few other updates to Flickr Slideshow Lite:

  • Flickr Slideshow Lite has been moved to a new home that will persist when I graduate
  • Toggle Google has been updated to use the new server
  • The Thumbnail view now has forward and back navigation buttons
  • The lookup page clears as soon as you start looking something up instead of leaving the old results behind
  • And of course, Mike's RSS feeds are available on the lookup and slideshow page

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Conner is the Travelling Man

When I left for work in the morning Conner was crawling around the kitchen. At 3pm Christine sent me a version of this video.

Aye, preparin' for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Aye, International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2006 is this commin' Tuesday September 19th. Each year this holday sneaks up me like a rat in the lower decks... Aye, so as not t' miss this holiday and the oportunity t' say ARRRRR again, I've decided t' prepare by watchin' this talk like a pirate 'ideo Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

Happy Birthday Emily Jane!

Emily Jane Russell was born on September 10th at 2:40pm making me an uncle and turning my brother into a giddy smiling nutter. And rightfully so...

John has a bunch of details and a video on his blog.