Bigger Buttons for John

A while back John looked at me very seriously and said "You know what I want?" Given his tone I assumed he was going to say something like world peace, a fix for global warming,or perhaps a box of chocolate donuts and some milk. But no, instead he says he wants bigger buttons on the thumbnail screen Flickr Slide Show Lite. He added "You know... When you have nothing else to do." There was a pause and then we both just laughed and laughed...

Well here I am sitting in California at the end of a long week of business travel. I'm waiting for rush hour traffic to die down so I can get to SFO and I realized that it actually happened. Share and Enjoy John.

Thinking About Conner

IMG_7087 When Conner doesn't want something he shakes his head no. He never shakes his head yes. I've learned that the lack of a response means yes. He's very minimalist... Conner meows at cats and dogs. His favorite movie is Milo and Otis and he laughs when he watches it (usually in 10 minute increments). When he wants to watch it he pushes the power button on the TV climbs up on the couch and waits. and smiles... and waits... Sometimes he brings the TV remote to someone and says "aaaaahhhh". When it is time to go outside he brings his shoes to you. Then he brings your shoes to you. And sometimes he brings other peoples shoes. He waits until you try to put on his jacket and then takes off so you'll chance him. All the while he smiles. He always comes to the door to welcome me home with a big smile and insists that I take my jacket as soon as I enter the house. Conner likes to be picked up so he can watch the birds on the bird feeder in the back yard or see whats cooking on the stove. He points and smiles and says "aaaaaahhhh". At night Conner insists on brushing his own teeth. He likes to play with his big brother and sometimes steals puppy just to start a game of tag. Conner also plays a mean game of hide an seek. He'll find Alex every time and likes to hide in the hall closet or behind the back door curtain. He likes to climb on everything. If I sit down he'll climb into my lap look up at me and smile. He likes to ride on my shoulders when we go out and Christine and Alex tell me he smiles up there too.

I'm sitting here in a hotel in California on the last night of a long business trip looking at pictures of Conner that Christine posted today. And even 3000 miles away all that smiling is contagious.




Why I Go To Work

IMG_7097 When Alex was about 2 he started asking me why I had to go to work. Trying to keep it simple I explained that I went to work so we could get food to eat. Since then he's asked me time and time again. We'll be sitting down to breakfast and he says "Daddy, why do you have to go to work?" I respond "To get us food." and he smiles and says "OK".

On Sunday I was preparing to go away on a business trip. I told Alex that I was going to work and wouldn't be home for a few days. Alex thought about this for a second and then asked "What kind of food are you going to bring home?"

Google NavBar & Toggle Now Works With Themes

I just release an update to the Google NavBar & Toggle Google Homepage Module that works with the new Google Homepage Themes.

Troubleshooting: If the fonts in the navigation become too small, you can fix it by editing the settings for the Toggle Google Module (by clicking on the little down arrow at the top of the module and choosing edit) and choosing a new Link Size.

The recent changes to the Google Home Page framework have taught me never to use relative font sizes when developing inside someone else's framework. The new module now uses fixed font sizes, but the switch causes some weirdness. Fortunately it goes away as soon as you select a new Link Size.

The Ice Melting Experiment

IMG_6594.JPG Early this year Alex started asking about ice. Where does it come from? What happens to it when it melts? etc. So one Sunday morning when it was so cold outside even the Hoth monster that ate Luke's Tauntaun thought better than to come outside we decided to do an experiment.

We started with the question: Which melts first, ice inside the house or ice outside the house?

We came up with a hypothesis: The Ice outside will melt faster than the ice inside. Keep in mind Alex is way to young to be allowed to watch The Empire Strikes Back, so its understandable the Tauntaun reference was lost on him.

We even wrote up a protocol:
  1. In two clean glass cups place 3 cubes of ice each.
  2. Label one glass "inside" and one glass "outside"
  3. Put the "inside" glass on the window sill inside the house.
  4. Put the "outside" glass outside on the back deck.
  5. Wait 30 minutes.
  6. Take a picture of both glasses and compare their meltiness.
  7. Repeat the previous two steps until one of the glasses of ice melts.
After about 2 hours it was clear that our hypothesis was flawed. We'll have to try it again in the summer. The following video shows Alex's rather nontraditional conclusion to our experiment.

Snowman in Springtime

Alex made his first snowman on February 21st 2007.

Dead Snoman
Alas the seasons change and spring is upon us. As we pulled out of the driveway today Alex asked:

"Daddy why is my snowman dead?"

Alexism: Buzz Lightyear

Last week while playing with his frequently wingless Buzz Lightyear action figure Alex announced the following in his best Buzz imitation.

"I’m Buzz Lightyear! I come in pieces!"