My Ecological Footprint

Five months ago I watched An Inconvenient Truth and was inspired to search for ways to reduce my carbon footprint. What followed is a glimpse into a surprisingly large number of topics. Guess what the following things have in common:

Air quality, alternative lighting sources,
batteries, bottled water, computers,
education, energy density, fuel cells,
gardening, green house gases, hydrogen,
lawn care, libraries, plug-in cars,
politics, nickel mining,
nickel processing, oil economics,
plastic production, plastic use,
propaganda, public water supplies,
recycling, talking point based beliefs,
the power of marketing and shopping bags.

You’re right if you guessed “Some of the topics you cover when building a fact based understanding of your carbon footprint.” You'd also have been right if you guessed "A list of words all containing at least three letters" but your answer would have been sadly out of context. The study of climate change leads to energy, energy is tied to just about everything, and that list is just scratching the surface. There are vast amounts of information and disinformation for the taking, and separating the two requires some effort.

It is with that in mind that I've decided to serialize my findings in this blog. It's my hope that when my kids look back at this Ecological Footprint series, we will have come so far in creating a sustainable way of life that these forward looking ideas appear primitive in comparison.

What a grand achievement it would be for our children to think our way of life primitive and have them be right.