Garden week 7 & 8

Week 7. My uncle Sam visited this weekend and assured me that we could save most of the house from the wrath of the garden. Together we built A-frames out of dead tree branches and nylon string. He gave me a hard time about the nylon string because its expensive as compared to other string. My thinking is that I've had this stuff in my basement forever it was on the verge of decomposing it was so old. I promised to use cheap string next year.

We propped the tomato plants back up and then trimmed back a bunch of the tomato branches that weren't going to produce tomatoes. Then we put down some fertilizer and Epsom salt which is supposed to make plants flower more and thus produce more to eat. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Uncle Sam.

Week 8. Everything is flowering! We saw our first red chili pepper and there are tuns of green tomatoes. I have nylon string guilt. The A-frames are holding up nicely and the garden seems to have switched from attempting to take over my house to producing fruit. I think we'll have some tomatoes to eat soon.

The latest garden photos are on Flickr here and on Flickr Slideshow lite (for slower internet connections).