Dirt Pile Perspectives

There are two undeveloped lots across the street from our house. The builders have promised to build houses on the lots next summer or winter for the last 4 years. The neighborhood kids use the space as a playground. Rocks and dirt have a way of attracting kids.

From time to time the builder sends trucks to take dirt from the lot presumably to build a giant mud pile somewhere else in the world. Each time they show up Christine and I get a little tinge of excitement at the thought that they might actually start construction on the houses they have been promising to build “Next summer” or “Next Winter” for the last 4 years.

The other day a yellow front loader and a dump truck showed up and they started removing some dirt.

Alex saw this and marched across the street and right up to the driver of the front loader.

“Excuse me," he said. "Why are you taking my dirt!?” he asked in a stern accusatory tone.

The 20 year old driver was at a loss for words. He mumbled something about his boss telling him he had to. Unimpressed, Alex marched over to the dump truck driver and remaining polite but indignant.

So that dirt pile I think of as an eye sore that hurts my property value is instead, a big pile of fun to Alex. The kid's got a great perspective.