Garlic & Arts Festival

This year we made our second annual trip to the Garlic and Arts Festival. It's my favorite festival of the season. They have great food, great music, and the vendors have actual local crafts!

The largest vendor groups were a toss up between renewable energy groups/companies, and local farmers markets with lots more than just garlic. One place had this amazing Pesto! All the same, I taste tested all sorts of garlic and while I'm a big garlic fan I'm pretty sure your not supposed to eat raw garlic all by itself. At least not as much as I did. Vampires beware.

The festival has a very eco-friendly atmosphere as a result of their clean and green minimal impact policy. In 2006 they had over 10,000 attendees and only generated 2 bags of trash! They require that food vendors use all recyclable or compost-able plates, napkins etc. The festival provides recycling & compost collection containers instead of trash bins.

This year there was a new eco-friendly twist. Water! The festival provided free drinking water from temporary water fountains and non refrigerated coolers. They even had pamphlets explaining the impact of bottled water and how this free water was a step in reducing that impact. As a result no one was selling those silly water bottles and there was plenty of free water for refilling my bottle.

I do feel like a bit like a hypocrite though. All that eco-friendliness is great, but in order to get there our only realistic option is to pile the family into the Honda Odyssey and drive 45 miles both ways. Someday we'll make that trip in a solar powered electric car.

The kids had a great time. There was a table with wood and tools where the kids could drill and saw. We could have stayed there all day. Conner and Alex took turns hanging out on our shoulders. Having my parents there really makes corralling three kids much easier.

After the festival I asked Alex what he liked most. He thought for a second and then said "The pesto and the chicks!" I racked my brain to remember who he was flirting with. Then I remembered this...

Update 2007-09-27: It has been brought to my attention that there is a "chick" bending over in the background of this picture. If you look closely at Alex's hands you will also see him holding a baby chick (as in bird). It was the latter that I was suggesting was the focus of Alex's attention. I'd also like to note that I didn't take this picture.