The Harvest Mystery

For the last few weeks I've gone outside after work and looked at the garden to see if there were any ripe tomatoes. Alex and Conner often joined me and we'd note that none were ripe yet, but there were a few tomatoes that should be ready to pick tomorrow.

It went on for weeks like that. Not a single tomato ever got ripe enough. I was beginning to think time was standing still in my garden. Had I transcended gardening genius and created a fountain of youth in my back yard?

Then I told Christine that story and she laughed... And I felt my ability to bend the laws of physics melt away as she explained that every afternoon she, Alex, and Conner go outside and pick all the ripe tomatoes. There was a big pile of them on our kitchen counter.

So not only am I not keeper of the powers of the gods, but I'm also very unobservant.

Quick Garden Update

Anyway, the tomatoes are great. We've given some away, eaten them as a snacks, put them on sandwiches, and Christine made an amazing tomato sauce with them. The picture above is from last weekends harvest. The Basil made its was into a lot of dishes, and the chili peppers have not. The Peppers still need a few more weeks before they're ready.

The pumpkins are a mess. We have one pumpkin and the vines are completely covered in this powdery mold. It looks like we may salvage this one pumpkin, but it'll be a race to see if the pumpkin can ripen before the mold kills the vine.