Stuff I'm Sharing

Reading is important in my job, role as a citizen and father, and also useful for hobbies. I read close to 200 blog posts a day and usually have a book or six in progress.

With all this reading I often come across things I feel are worth sharing. They range from funny, to informative, to politics related (ranging from sad to infuriating these days).

It's in large part due to the state of politics in the US that I've come to realize that it is critically important that people share, discuss, and debate information, and not just mindlessly consume the the stuff that passes for news on TV. More on that in a future post...

So I decided to create a share feed called Paul's Share Feed. It's is like a blog, but instead of my authoring the content, I simply aggregate other people's content that meets my "This is really worth reading" criterion. Sometimes I add some quick commentary, and other times I simply include the original article.

I've had this share feed going since November of 2006 and have found posting to and subscribing to share feeds an extremely efficient and effective way to share content with friends. Whereas I used to use email and do lots of cutting, pasting and typing email addresses, now I just click a share button in Google Reader or bookmark a page with!

If you're interested in my share feed you can visit the Paul's Share Feed web page, or better yet subscribe to the Paul's Share RSS Feed

If you're interested in creating your own share feed check out this post by Mike Lepore.