Blog Action Day - The Environment

This is one post in a series that started here, describing what I've learned while attempting to understand my ecological footprint.

Blog Action Day is a pretty cool idea. It aims to get lots of people (~15,ooo at present) to share their thoughts on one topic in the hopes of getting a discussion going. On the surface it may seem silly (a bunch of people sitting at their computers typing) but over the last year I've learned first hand that sharing and discussion is a powerful catalyst for change. Especially when you compare it to the result you get by
quietly stewing in a festering bath of contempt for the way things are... There is simply no contest.

Today the topic is "The Environment" which means my ecological footprint posts fit nicely with the theme. I was a bit stumped as to which topic to write about so I asked my brother. He
suggested that given the amount of time I've invested in the research for some of the my ecological footprint posts, recapping the series might be my best bet.

So with out further gilding the Lilly, and no more adieu, here are a few of the more interesting topics I've covered so far...

My Watter Bottle talks about the impact of bottled water and my experience getting over the marketing hype and switching to tap. This is my favorite post in the series because it resulted in change outside my immediate control. I never expected my sharing ideas to have any tangible impact but a few people sought me out to tell me that they read it and decided to switch to tap water. How cool is that!

What's the Deal With Recycling Pizza Boxes? was a lot of fun to research. Did you ever wonder why some recycling center employees get really angry if you try to recycle a pizza box? It's as if the pizza box was made out of some mythical cardboard that would cause puppies to die if it were recycled. Mystery solved...

The Scientific Method vs. Truthiness was born out of frustration for the fiction passes for reality in today's media (TV, Internet). At the same time that there is perpetual fountain of useless data on every detail of celebrity life we appear incapable of discussing more complicated issues, such as foreign policy or the environment, in anything more than bullet points or buzz words. Top that with the complete lack of fact review of the bullet points that get played on TV and you get a steady stream of half truths and outright lies that become part of the collective consious. Frankly the stuff that passes for facts in our public dialog is an embarrassment to our civilization. This post talks about how to separate fact from truthiness.

Other posts covered the positive impact of the fall of DRM, replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs, and stuff about batteries (One way to eliminate wasteful battery use, Fact Checking on the Hummer vs Prius Article, and details on Plug in Electric Cars).

As I've learned just a little bit, the way I look at everyday life has changed. I'm both amazed at what mankind has achieved and stunned by the staggeringly wasteful ways we spend our energy. The bottled watter in America one still slays me.

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Image Credit For each post I make an new logo by combining the GNOME footprint logo with other creative commons images. I read somewhere that images help to increase the attention span of readers. As a big fan of Peanuts I have to agree. Thanks to
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