Great Environment Resources

This is one post in a series that started here, describing what I've learned while attempting to understand my ecological footprint.

I've found a lot of great online resources (blogs, podcasts, online libraries, communities groups, etc.) while researching my ecological footprint. All of these resources are free, and most of these have RSS feeds to you can get little information at a time via a feed reader.

Of all the different resources I found, a few really stand out. I'm a big fan of these because they are useful, interesting, and sometimes even fun! So here they are. My favorite environment resources...

NoImpactMan is a blog by Colin Beavan where he chronicles his yearlong project have no net impact on the environment. The philosophy and plan behind this project are very well thought out. Over the past few months, this has become one of my favorite blogs. Colin shares the good along with the bad as he and his family go through daily life striving for no net impact.

NPR Climate Connections is a podcast that is jointly produce by NPR and National Geographic. Episodes come out a few times a week and usually run just under 7 minutes. It "series takes you on a year-long global voyage, exploring how the Earth's climate shapes people, and how people are shaping the Earth's climate." It's a great source of information on a surprising range of topics. Best of all its in nice bite size pieces, and you can always visit their website for links and more information on any story.

Plugs and cars is a blog by Marc Geller, a well known activist and long time supporter of electric and plugin hybrid electric cars. This blog is updated irregularly but is a great source for news on the effort to make plugin cars available to the average consumer.

LighterFootstep is a blog that has short posts with suggestions on how you can reduce your negative impact on the environment and improve your positive impact. The posts are usually short and contain simple ideas on things you can do right now.

The Massachusetts Climate Action Network maintains a list of local climate action groups, organized by town. I've recently gotten involved with the Harvard Local and Groton Local groups. Their motto is Solutions for a Sustainable Community. They bring together people interested in environmental topics. They coordinate seminars on sustainable energy, group mailers for sharing information, and farmers markets. The thing I find the most fun is that group members often kick off community activities like cider making or building a solar powered house water heater. Most of the time people are trying this for the first time so its a learn by doing experience.

QUEST is a TV, radio, web, and education series by KQED that explores science, environment and nature in Northern California. I've been listening to the podcast which is short (5-7 minutes) and always interesting. Its a lot like climate connections except its specific to Northern California's environment.

CMARS is a website that provides access to all of the public, academic, school, regional, and special libraries in Central and Western Massachusetts. With a library card you can go online and reserve any book, CD or video in the network and have it delivered to the library of your choice. They email you when it arrives. From both from a cost and a footprint perspective, it's a great alternative to buying books that I'm only going to read once. (image credit)

Tree Hugger has both a blog and a . "TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information." Treehugger about page. The blog is a bit like drinking from a fire hose. They average ~33 posts a day which is sometimes more environment news that I can stand. Still its interesting stuff. The Radio Podcast comes out a little less than once a week. Its a bit overproduced, but has interesting content.

"ecoTumble is a companion site for Lighter Footstep. It’s a quick read: bite-sized pieces of green news, tips, and trivia." - their about page. It's a fun blog that doesn't take a lot of effort to follow.