Trip to Drumlin Farms

Alex and I spent Sunday afternoon at the Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary. They were having their fall fund raiser festival just down the road from Walden Pond.

Alex and I went on a nature walk through the woods (twice), took a hay ride, saw a sheep herding demonstration with a real sheep dog, listen to a live dixieland band, painted a pumpkin, used a hand powered drill used for building barns, toured the gardens and did a bunch of other stuff. It was a blast.

Drumlin Farms uses electric cars on their farm. We passed a few while we were walking around and we both mentioned how quiet they were. They make as little noise as a tire rolling on the ground!

The most memorable part of the day was during the nature walk. Throughout the walk there were casts of different animal footprints on the ground. Each one had a barely legible name of the animal that made the print carved into the cast. We slowly sounded out the word FOX and then moved on...

The next one was labeled RABBIT. Seeing another opportunity to sound out a word I asked Alex what the footprint was. He instantly replied. "Thats a bunny rabbit!" Surprised by his certanty and accuracy I asked him how he knew. Without missing a beat he said. "Because I'm so smart!"

We saw rabbit prints 3 times and he recognized them instantly each time. It's a strange feeling when your kid tells you something and you don't know where he learned it.