Think Outside The Bottle and Save Elle!

This weekend an old sigh school friend (we'll call her Elle) told me "I gave up bottled water after I read your blog post, and now I'm severely dehydrated."

Since I wrote the My Water Bottle post a surprising number of people have shared their experience with "Giving up bottled water." I'm thrilled by how many people the post reached, and at the same time disappointed that the message I got across was to "Give Up Bottled Water" instead of to "Switch to Tap."

I think the reason the switching to tap water has been so easy for me is I never really thought of it as giving something up. To the contrary I've always thought of switching to tap as getting something.

  • The $2 per bottle that I keep in my pocket to buy DRM free music from amazon.
  • Sticking it to the corporations that marketed brainwashed me into thinking I needed bottled water.
  • The knowledge that the air is a little cleaner for my kids.
  • The ability to drink clean water without having to sponsor oil producing middle east governments that like to lash and jail women for being raped.
Fortunately there's a new group called Think Outside The Bottle that has found some great ways to explain why people should switch to tap. More importantly, they let me set up a Think Outsite the Bottle pledge page we can use to save poor Elle from her severe dehydration.

Click on the image below to learn more and (optionally) take the pledge to switch to tap water and save Elle. If you decide not to take the pledge and Elle dies of dehydration its on your head. I already signed it.