XO Laptop Camp Out

Some people camp out for movie tickets. Other people camp out to be one with nature. I camp out for the chance to play with a staggeringly overpriced $100 laptop before Christmas.

Today camped out on my couch and placed my order for an XO laptop (A.K.A $100 laptop) through the XO Giving Program just after 6am when the ordering system opened.

Paying $400 for a $100 laptop sounds really silly but there are a bunch of reasons I'm really excited about it.

  1. A Good Cause: The OLPC program provides a mechanism for education to the poorest kids in the world. By purchasing a laptop I'm also paying for a laptop donated to a kid that can use it to learn.

  2. Mass Production Goal: The $100 laptop currently costs about $200. They can only bring the costs down by mass production. That means 3 million laptops need to be made before they get the costs down to $100. My conspicuous consumption is actually helping the program.

  3. The Geek/Eco Factor: The specs on this thing are really impressive. It runs on only 2 watts! Besides getting to use a seriously optimized laptop, I'm interested to see what its like to use a machine powered by a hand crank or solar power.