Conversations In The Car With Alex

On Christmas Eve Alex and I were driving to the airport to pick up his aunt and he had a few Alexisms that were instant classic .


On the way to the airport we hit a lot of bumps in the road (literally not figuratively) and Alex was really enjoying it. Bump Yeah! Bump, bump, bump Wooo-Hooo! When we came to a toll booth on I-90 we zipped right through because we had our EZ-Pass subtly fastened in place. As soon as we went through he asked "Daddy, why don't we have to pay to ride on this bumpy road?"


Later on we were talking about Christmas and Santa.

Me: So where do you think Santa is right now?
Alex: (long pause) He's probably at the mall.

So I start mentally gearing up to deal with the the idea that Santa is shopping at the mall...Let's see... Christmas isn't about shopping... Probably too serious. Stuff doesn't come from malls its made in other places and brought to the mall... Still too serious... Santa's Elves make the toys... Yeah! that's the one. So I start off with a question.

Me: Why do you think Santa is at the mall?
Alex: So that the boys and girls that didn't get to see him yet can tell him what they want for Christmas. (long pause) Daddy, why are you smiling?