NPR Democratic Candidates' Debate

NPR held a democratic debate on December 4th that is worth checking out. Here are links to the transcript and the podcast of the two hour session (including short breaks).

The thing that impressed me was NPR only focussed on 3 topics. Iran, China and Immigration. This gave the moderators and candidates a lot more time than the 30 seconds they usually get to provide their answers, challenge each other, respond and even have a back and forth discussion.

Clear differences between the candidates views started to emerge as they got further away from 30 second sound bites. There were still some of the typical evasive non-answers, (primarily by Edwards and Clinton) but there were also refreshing discussions with details about complexities of the challenges the world faces and how the candidates see us dealing with those challenges.

This one it worth the listen. It reminded me of Obama's Senate podcasts when he rose above the morass of vacuous sound bites in the news, and talked about the details and nuances of the situations the Senate was debating.