War Drums For Iran - Do Something

For the past year the US government has been putting forth rhetoric (Bolton hopes we attack) and propaganda (Fox Attacks Iran) in an effort to build support for a war with Iran (Former CIA officer: US to attack Iran within 6 months.)

I've been trying to write a post about this for months, but every time I start I get writers block when I try to describe the insanity of wars like this. I don't pretend to know enough history to extend this to all wars but it seems clear from everything I've read, veterans I've talked to, and the experience of the last 6 years, that the Iraq war and a future Iran war is a horrible mistake.

Many people in my government seem to think of war as... Well I don't know what they are thinking, but it seems to me the moment you start sending people off to kill other people you have already lost; sadness, suffering, loss of life, loss of limbs, separation of families, loneliness, economic hardship, mental illness and neglect... and that's just what we do to our own soldiers.

In the past 24 hours I've received 2 emails from moveon.org that effectively explain what I've been unable to write. They are well written and provide reliable supporting source links. Here are copies of the mail and links to where you can sign the petition (against starting a war with Iran) and/or write a letter to your local newspaper.

Please give them a read, sign the petition and consider writing a letter. If you're not up for it, consider leaving a comment explaining why. At the very least the decision to allow war to happen should be debated.

[Email #1 Please Sign the Petition ]

Subject: Help me stop Bush from starting another war with Iran

Hi, President Bush may be on his way out, but if we don't pay attention, his last action could be starting another war with Iran. We definitely don't need the President who made such a mess in Iraq opening up another front in the Middle East.

Without a clear line in the sand, Bush's reckless actions could start a war before we have a chance to weigh our options. That's why Congress has to step up and pass a bill making it crystal clear that Bush does not have the authority to go to war with Iran.

There are bills in Congress that say just that, but our reps need to hear from us to move forward.

I just signed this petition asking Congress to stop another Bush war before it starts. Can you join me?



1. "Shifting Targets: The Administration's plan for Iran," The New Yorker, October 8, 2007.

2. "US ex-generals reject Iran strike," BBC News, February 4, 2007.
3. "Cheney urging strikes on Iran," McClatchy News Service, August 9, 2007.

[Email #2 Write a letter to the Editor]

Subject: Bush lied today on Iran

Wow. All year President Bush has been moving America closer to war with Iran. But yesterday we learned stunning news: Iran shut down its nuclear weapons program in 20031—and President Bush has known for months.2

But Bush is undeterred. This morning, he held a news conference where he actually tried to portray the news that Iran isn't building a bomb as yet another reason to confront Iran! 3 He also said he hadn't known about the new evidence—a fact contradicted by his own National Security Adviser.4

It's Iraq all over again. Bush is willing to ignore intelligence and lie to move us towards another war.

We can't let him get away with it again. Will you write a letter to the editor of your local paper reminding folks that we've heard this story before, that Bush is misleading America on Iran just as he did on Iraq? Click here:


The letters-to-the-editor section is one of the most widely read parts of the newspaper—a flood of letters can influence politicians, reporters, and the public. There are a couple key points we have to highlight in this critical moment:

  • Bush has been actively misleading us on Iran. Bush said today that he "only learned of the new intelligence assessment last week."5

    But according to the Washington Post, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley "said Bush was first told in August or September about intelligence indicating Iran had halted its weapons program, but was advised it would take time to evaluate." Here's the Post:

    President Bush got the world's attention this fall when he warned that a nuclear-armed Iran might lead to World War III. But his stark warning came at least a month or two after he had first been told about fresh indications that Iran had actually halted its nuclear weapons program.6

  • Just like he did with Iraq, Bush is ignoring the intelligence and recklessly pushing towards war. We can't afford to let Bush and Cheney start another disastrous war.
  • Congress must act now and make it clear that President Bush has no authority to strike Iran.
  • The new National Intelligence Estimate shows that Iran is not the threat Bush says it is.7

The public is very nervous about the prospect of another war, but the President's bully pulpit is powerful and he uses it to great effect. We need to raise our voices now. Please write a letter today:


Thanks for all you do,

–Ilyse, Tanya, Justin, Adam G., and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007


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