Digg Layout In Google Reader

Here's a picture of Digg in Google Reader using the yahoo pipe I cobbled together last night.


Cool Features:
  • It looks good (and a lot like Digg) in Google reader
  • Google Reader keyboard shortcuts (J=next article) make it easier to read than the Digg webpage
  • There's no clicking NEXT to get the next page of articles
  • Since articles are marked read, I always know what's new!

Uncool Features:
  • Articles that are [Reported by Diggers as Possibly Inaccurate] don't show that message in the feed. (I can't find the "Reported as Innacurate" info in the Digg API)
  • Clicking "Digg It" doesn't record a digg. Instead it takes me to the Digg page for the article and then I have to click "digg it" on that page. (As far as I can tell there's no to make a digg it link in the RSS feed due to cross site scripting restrictions enforced by bth pipes and google reader.)