and a little Obama news

GlassBooth is a really useful non partisan website that provides a simple quiz that tells you which candidates your positions are most similar too and why. Here's a post on how the quiz works.

It also provides a simple way to learn about where each candidate stands on issues and is really healpful for getting around hype and campaign rhetoric. In a society where most of the coverage is on how the race is run instead of the candidates actual issues, this is an invaluable tool.

Even so, GlassBooth is not a complete answer to picking a candidate. It makes simple work of finding the candidate that you most closely align with on issues, but issues are not the entire picture.

For example I think its also important to consider the candidates ability to recognize situational nuances, work through compromise, and get things done. These are attributes that GlassBooth does not consider and along with alignment on most of the issues, they reason I'm voting for Obama. Even Kucinich is supporting Obama these days.

FYI: Obama's podcast and his speech/interview at Google are good resources for learning more about his take on getting things done. One of my favorite parts is his answer to how he would deal with special interests. Jump to the time index 57:02 and stick around for how he ties it back to health care legislation (~4 minutes total).

Anyway, GlassBooth is very good at matching you up with candidates positions on issues and it even provides contextual information that explains how candidates address issues that they decide in shades of gray.

So check out the GlassBooth website. You might be surprised what you find. And then if you decide not to vote for Obama, I'd love to debate some of the issues with you. Who knows maybe we'll both learn something.

PS - I just checked the Iowa results and it appears Obama won the democratic caucus! Here's hoping the other caucuses & primaries go this way!