Rock Climing and The NH Primary

Tuesday night I went rock climbing at boulder morty's with some friends. It's been 10 years since I've been on a rock wall and I was surprised how much I remembered. It was a blast!

After we climbed for a few hours we headed over to Martha's Exchange. The place was packed and everyone was very dressed up. Except us... We showed up in shorts, and sweaty t-shirts. It used to be a lot less froofy, but we were hungry so we went in. It turned out they were hosting a private Barack Obama Finance Committee party and while we weren't Obama Finance Committee members they let us sit off to the side and order food.

We had some beers and burgers and followed the primary results on the TV. I didn't think much of the fact that we were at an Obama Party until the following happened in rapid succession.
  • Lots of women started going over to a mirror near our table and fixing their hair.
  • The secret service started showing up.
  • Someone announced that Barack would drop by as soon as he finished his speech at their campaign headquarters.
While everyone waited for him to arrive I was struck by how friendly everyone was. I think it was something about a crowd of hopeful people with a common goal that broke down the typical social barriers. Young and old, different colors and religions all dressed up and getting along great. And there I was in shorts and a sweaty shirt and they treated me exactly the same. It was surreal.

Obama arrived around 11:30, at which time I took this brilliant picture with my phone.

Obama Arrives at Martha's Exchange

People were packed in so tight that we ended up standing on tables to see him speak. He gave a really good 10 minute pep talk (this was just after his speech on TV) and then started walking around and talking to people individually. It was really exciting to see him in person.

Considering how smelly we were from climbing, it would have been easy to push our way through the crowd to meet him, but that just seemed mean. So we split.

All in all it was a fun night.