Making Juice

This weekend I had a man cold, so when Alex asked me if we could make orange juice, I simply said "We don't have the thingy we need to make juice." Not the most articulate answer or even very good parenting, but I had a man cold I tell you!

Apparently not prompting him with ideas was just what he needed. He went away and came back five minutes later with a plan.

"Daddy. We can peal the oranges, then take them apart, then put them in a plastic bag, then smush all the juice out of them and then we'll have juice."

I looked at him through my man cold induced haze and said "Go for it." And he made juice. He even came up with the idea to use a colander to separate the juice from the "mushy parts." That was a few days ago...

Tonight, while I was cleaning up after dinner, Alex asked if we could make apple juice. I started explaining that we "don't have the thingy for making apple juice" but he didn't even let me finish..

"Daddy, we can peal the skin off with this (he pulled a potato peeler out of thin air) and then we'll put it on a plate and use this (he pulled a metal pot cover out of the cabinet) to smush the juice out."

Why not... "Go for it."


Alex decided he wasn't strong enough to smush apples on his own so he got Conner to help him...


After I took the pictures I tried to catch their team work on video. At their age the camaraderie doesn't last long.

Oh well... It was great while it lasted.