Staggeringly Depressing Irony

Christine and I are expecting some cable rewiring in our future and this morning, no-doubt fearing for her life, she pointed out this story from the KCTV website.
Man Fatally Shoots Wife While Installing Satellite TV - Patsy Long, 34, of Deepwater, died after being shot in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun on Saturday. Her husband, Ronald Long, fired the shot from the inside of their home after several unsuccessful efforts to punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means.
Now this is really sad. Just overwhelmingly tragic. Frankly I think it was just too sad for me to really comprehend... I found that instead of focusing on the soul crushing sadness of their loss that I couldn't help but think that I've seen a .22 bullet and a co-ax cable and I don't think a .22 would make a hole big enough for the cable...

Sure enough, wikipedia has the width of the bullet at .224 inches and the width of the cable at .332 inches, and that's not including the connector on the end of the cable. So not only was this effort to install cable homicidally reckless, but it doesn't appear as if it would have worked.

Christine and I have agreed that any future cable installations in our house will not include the use of firearms; even if we come across a .38 which is, in my opinion, the smallest firearm capable of being successfully used in cable installation.

Some stuff is just so sad you just have to laugh.