With Apologies to NORAD, We're Moving

The average family in the US doesn't get called by NORAD. All I can say is they're trying to hard... You see, we're moving. There's a lot of logistics to moving, but only if your a Russell can you have an impact on a large military institution during an otherwise mundane real estate transaction.

Perhaps I should start with some background...

The second law of thermodynamics, states that the total entropy of any isolated thermodynamic system tends to increase over time.

Another way to say this is there is a natural tendency for things to get messy.

Anyone that has visited in the last 5 years knows that the Russell Household has been acting as an entropy sink for much of North America. The house itself is in good shape, but we tended to have a lot of stuff piled up inside... Boxes, wires, extra dishes, toys, clothes, lumber, rocks, berries, churches and a duck, to name a small sample. We're not sure where the duck came from.

Despite having more kitchen cabinet space than all of our ancestors (dating back to 1847) combined, much of this stuff didn't have a home so it migrated towards disarray. Most would call this natural entropy but while entropy does tend towards an increase in disarray, it went faster in our house...

My father recently pointed out that we were providing a service to the world by taking on such a large entropy burden. Things literally stayed neater for others because our house was such a disaster.
I should note at this point that the disaster is almost entirely my fault. Christine has fought a constant battle against the forces of entropy and disarray since the day we met. But I've had the second law of thermodynamics on my side... It wasn't a fair contest.
A few months ago we took a big step in moving and put our house on the market. That meant we had to clean the place up. And I use the word "we" lightly as I had a man cold for most of the previous month. Christine was kind enough to explain the details here. But the house got clean. And not just sort of clean. I mean really clean!

The call from NORAD came just as we put the house on the market. Apparently the elimination of our entropy sink produced a series of seismic shocks throughout the mid-west. NORAD's initial analysis of the situation had them talking about locusts and famine. Strategies for addressing global warming were put on hold as there was a serious concern that the world was about to end. The word cataclysm was used.

After a few tense conversations we assured them that we had established a new base of operations for our entropy sink (a.k.a put an offer on a house) and would have it up and running ASAP.

Hopefully the house sale will go quickly and we can establish an equally powerful entropy sink in our next home. And I'm not just saying that to be altruistic. Our house looks great like this, but I can't find anything!

In the mean time the department of homeland security, in a joint effort with FIMA is looking into re-flooding New Orleans as an interim entropy stop gap.