Allison and The Blocks

Allison Block Zen

We don't have any pictures like this of the boys because any time the boys noticed a pile of blocks they immediately knocked it down. Aggressively I should add.

When they were Allison's age we used to play a game to see how high I could stack blocks before they knocked them down... My record was 4 blocks, but that was because the boys were taking a nap and had to wake up climb out of their crib and run down the stairs. They were and still are very committed to entropy.

So yesterday with the boys out of the house I set these up... went and got my camera... and then took a bunch of pictures. I had all the time in the world. Allison just laughed. She found the tower really funny.

This is a video of Allison just hanging out with the blocks. She eventually knocks them down but even then it seems more like she was reaching for one than trying to destroy it. I'm starting to think girls really are different from boys.