The Weekend I Turned 102

This was one of those weekends I made a blog to help me remember.

Conner played outside a bunch...


And then inside...


Then the boys took me out for a birthday lunch at Panera and Alex payed! As soon as the cashier said how much it was Alex handed a pile of money to her... I showed him how to read the money while we waited for the food.

Afterwards the boys insisted that they take me to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. We had a lot of fun!

Conner and The Bulldozer

Little did I know that this was all a ruse to keep me out of the house. Christine threw a surprise party for me and a bunch of family and friends were there when we got back from lunch.

It would have been a total surprise, but about 90 minutes after the boys and I left for lunch Christine started calling asking when we were coming home. In our family if one of the parents takes more than half the kids out, the other parent never calls and asks them to come home because that would be insane. Have three kids and you'll know what I mean... Needless to say I figured something was up.

A bunch of cars were in the driveway when we got home and Alex insisted that he go into the house and that I wait in the garage until he came to get me. Conner was asleep so Alex herded the party goers from room to room so that I wouldn't see them as I carried Conner up to his bed.

When I came down I was greeted in the kitchen by a huge SURPRISE! One thing I'll never forget is Alex standing in front of everyone beaming at his successful surprise party orchestration. He was awesome!

We adjourned to the backyard where Big Connor and Alex worked on a piñata.



And then there were Bison burgers and chocolate layer cake. Allison sat on my lap while the boys helped me blow out the candles.


I almost lost that beer...

In an effort to avoid buying new candles Christine put all the candles we had in the house on the cake...


And so it was that my 102nd birthday passed. I spent it with family and friends and it was a great day.