Conner and his Backhoe

Conner and his BackhoeConner loves backhoes.

Backhoes are the fundamental unit of life. They are the reason for being, and if by some chance you are involved in an activity without backhoes Conner can find a way to include them. Here are a few examples of what I mean...

One night (3am) Conner woke up crying. He had a cold and probably just had a nightmare. When I went into his room I found him sitting in his crib barely awake. With a runny nose and a coughing fit he struggled to focus on me through sleepy eyes. My heart went out to him, he was so pathetic. Eventually the coughing calmed down a bit and the first words he gurgled were "Backhoe Movie?"

A few days later Allison bumped her head and was crying. Conner was ready to comfort his sister. He collected every backhoe toy he could find and brought them to her one at a time.

When we drive around Conner points out all of the construction equipment cheerily adding "My Backhoe." I've asked him about this and he is adamant that the Backhoes in question are, in point of fact, his. Imagine what it must be like to see "Your" backhoes everywhere you go!

Now that it's getting warmer outside Conner has started digging outside. He really gets into it. If you can't see the video below, it's available on Flickr here.