Gas Tax Holiday... Scumbags

So here is what happens if John McCain and Hillary Clinton are successful with their 15 week gas tax holiday.
  1. The price of gas will drop by 18 cents per gallon for 1 day.
  2. Oil companies raise prices and take back at least 9 cents on day 2.
  3. Over the 15 week gas tax holiday a person that drives 100 miles a week will save a maximum $30 (try out the gas tax calculator. I ended up saving $13!)
  4. You read that right... Thirty dollars max! But wait there's more!
  5. The federal maintenance fund will loose $9,000,000,000 (billion dollars) thus neglecting maintenance on our roads and highways.
  6. ~300,000 highway jobs will be lost. (yes, three hundred thousand jobs)
  7. We get to add a little more CO2 to the atmosphere.
Another way to say this is McCain and Clinton are proposing to neglect our highways and bridges, put 300,000 people out of work, give $4 billion to oil companies, rape our environment, and further feed the oil addiction that has Americans dying in Iraq every day.

For this the average driver gets between $13 and $30... Total...

And it's not just me saying this.

So what's the deal? Are McCain and Clinton stupid? I'm sorry that's unfair; calling them stupid is an insult to stupid people.

The thing is McCain and Clinton are both moderately intelligent people. So the only logical conclusion is they are doing this [insert neglect, eliminate, rape, feed addiction, or profiteer here] on purpose because they are looking for votes.

McCain and Clinton believe that the voters in the upcoming elections are so vacuous, so desperate, so disturbingly oblivious, that they will hear "Gas Tax Holiday" and not care or realize that it means "I'm going to piss all over you, and thank you for your vote."


I hope they're wrong...

In the mean time, Barack Obama is against the gas tax holiday. So, in addition to all the reasons to vote for Obama, we can now add "Unlike his competition, not a scumbag willing to screw over you, your country and the environment for votes." to the list of reasons to vote for him.