Tom is Home

Tom Winter Wonderland

I picked Tom up from the doctor's yesterday afternoon. The surgery went really well and Tom was already eating, drinking and playing a little. When I got him home he jumped out of his cat carrier. He seemed a little freaked out, but it was basically the sort of freaked out he gets right after returning from the vet.

Tom was completely undaunted by his missing leg and made sure to investigate every corner of his recovery room. He spent about 15 minutes walking around. At one point he was thinking about jumping up on the futon, but he couldn't seem to work out how to do it. After seeing him move I have no doubt he'll figure it out in a few days.

He's on antibiotics and pain pills that I need to give him twice a day. So far he's refusing the pain pills and doesn't seem any the worse for wear.

This afternoon I went in to check on him and he made a break for it. He was actually waiting for me to open the door and as soon as I did he bolted for freedom.

He's supposed to be fully healed in 10 days but apparently he's already feeling better.