Tom's Recovery

Me and Tom

Nine days after having his right rear leg amputated mid-femur, I took tom to have his staples removed. That night he jumped up on the couch, sat on my lap and purred. Christine captured that happy moment in the picture above.

Frankly, I've been floored by this entire experience. Tom was on his feat the day after surgery and just got better every day after that. When I took him to have the staples removed the doctor said he was completely healed. In 9 days... Cat's are amazing!

The part that seemed hardest for him was having to wear an Elizabethan collar during his 9 days of healing. He was downright pathetic. He moping around whenever he had it on but the moment I took it off for some supervised play time he started acting like a kitten.

At this point his recovery seems complete. Tom eats, plays and sleeps pretty much like he used to. He's been laying on my lap a lot tonight and he just ran off to chase a moth.

I never thought I'd be thankful for concepts like YouTube and Blogs, but this experience has put a completely new face on them. Random people's ability and willingness to share all sorts of experiences has provided me with a wealth of perspective that journal articles and doctors failed to impart.

For example, Lizartpix posted a series of 30 second videos of her cat recovering from a leg amputation. I read countless articles and spoke with 3 doctors about options for Tom's condition. In the end it was videos like lizartpix's and the numerous comments from blog posts like this one that lead me to choose his surgery. There's simply no substitute for first hand accounts and seeing actual recoveries when faced with this sort of decision. People's willingness to and freedom to share made that available to me.

Tom's back on my lap with his paws on the edge of my laptop. He just let out a big sigh and is probably pining over the moth he didn't catch. Leg or no leg, Tom was always a crappy hunter.

So he's home and thankfully this episode in our lives appears to be over. I'm grateful to all the people that came out of the woodwork to share their stories and thoughts long before I new I needed them. I'm sure Tom is grateful too, but I'll have to ask him later. He just took off after that moth again.